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digitalUPLIFT Launch Success!

digitalUPLIFT, our 10-week free technology training and skills introduction course for women in Cornwall has started and we are thrilled to share that it is going really well.

Why does the digitalUPLIFT program matter? Because Cornwall has a booming tech sector, doing really exciting things and nurturing sustainable careers from entry-level to top-tier management. But like everywhere across the UK, not enough women are part of this story.

So, with Truro and Penwith College we set up digitalUPLIFT, which is a free, online course to provide digital skills training and to connect local women to local employers who are hiring. Our course is straightforward and empowering (no overwhelming tech jargon here) and we’ve worked hard to smash down any barriers to entry and make it as accessible as possible.

We set a target of 20 women for the first cohort as we had no idea how popular this course would be. However, after just one week more than 46 of you applied, so we’ve decided we need to plan for a second cohort - and quickly!

So, what makes digitalUPLIFT special, and why has it attracted so much attention?

The team at TECwomen and Truro & Penwith College have planned this digital course carefully, based on local employment and student data for the tech sector. But perhaps most importantly, together we have amassed a wealth of knowledge about local women and the opportunities in Cornwall’s TEC sectors. So, we have a solid understanding of what the barriers to entering this lucrative, rewarding area of work might be and what training we can provide to help address this..

So, yes we might have come along at just the right time! But there is a lot of data behind our decision and planning.

digitalUPLIFT is open to all women seeking a career change, the first job after school or uni or a return to work after a career break, or local work after relocating to Cornwall.

Is there a woman in your network who would benefit from digitalUPLIFT?

Would you like to know more about tech skills for your own career growth?

Do you need to know which Cornwall employers are currently hiring?

Do you want to know what courses you can take to grow your digital skills?

The easiest way to stay up to date with our goings-on is to follow us on social media. We’ll be keeping our blog updated regularly, but you’ll get the hot stories first on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook (Meta).

DigitalUPLIFT cohort one is full, but registrations for September are open. Find out more here.


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