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We are TECwomen CIC 

We are TECwomen CIC 

TECwomen is a community interest company that provides support, training, and a community for women who work (or want to work) in Technology, Engineering and Creative digital industries.  We also run the award-winning TECgirls Project, working with children as young as 4 to help ignite a love for all things TEC. 

Here is what we get up to

Learn more about the projects we run online and across Cornwall and the Southwest. 

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Ctlr Alt Del Summit

We run free 8 week online courses for women who are looking to grow their digital skills to help advance their careers. 

 The award-winning TECgirls project runs events in schools, communities, and online for kids 4-14.  

A summit focused on inclusive innovation and exploring how we reboot the tech industry to create a better future for all.  

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TECwomen CONNECT brings together women from across the technology, engineering, and creative sectors to network, learn, and connect.   

TECwomen CIC's 2023 Impact Report

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